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Jul 30, 2014

BB16 Live Feed Update: Caleb's Countdown to Meltdown

Caleb melting downIt's been evident  probably since week one of Big Brother 16 that Caleb has pretty much been obsessed with fellow houseguest Amber; his non stop persistence of some sort of relationship despite the fact that she has shut the idea down in every way and never even made it seem like a possibility has become a source of pathetic humor for Big Brother fans far and wide.  But now Amber is on the block and a Caleb meltdown may not be far behind her probable exit, but the question has been who will feel the brunt of the "Beastmode Cowboy's" fury?

This past week, things have become even more confusing as the saga between Caleb and Amber continues to twist and turn and some the houseguests continue to manipulate the situation.  Last week, Caleb had a "date" with Amber in the backyard and made another attempt at telling her how he felt (as if she doesn't know 10 times over by now) and Amber smiled to be nice but didn't commit to anything as usual.  In all this, it later got back to Caleb that Amber said she was just being nice and that's the only reason she accepted going on the date.  Caleb of course was devastated by this news and ignored Amber for a few days over it.  This is how the idea came about to put Amber up as Victoria's replacement on the block, but in Caleb's mind it was just to "scare" Amber and bring her back to the "Bomb Squad" he thinks is still together for the most part.

Jul 25, 2014

Breaking News: Derrick's Grandfather Passes Away

In an absolutely surreal situation given the highly publicized death of Frankie's grandfather just 2 days ago, Derrick has learned that his grandfather has also passed away.  Derrick was called to the DR moments ago and received a letter from his family just as Frankie did, notifying him of the passing.

It's a rare occurrence for an unfortunate family situation like this to happen during the Big Brother season, but for it to happen twice within a couple of days is really a horrible thing for the house to have to go through.  Frankie was one of the first to console Derrick, as obviously he is going through his own grief but now has to watch one of his housemates suffer through it as well.

Right now the house is very quiet and somber as to be expected with all this happening. Our thoughts along with undoubtedly all of the Big Brother fans will be with both Derrick and Frankie as they will both continue to deal with these unbelievably tough situations.

Jul 24, 2014

BB16 Live Feed Update: Frankie is Told About his Grandfather's Death

As first reported by TMZ yesterday, Frankie's grandfather passed away after battling cancer and the initial word was that one of his grandfather's last requests was that Frankie not be told so that he could continue on in the Big Brother game.  We heard from MANY of you yesterday who felt like this was not right and Frankie deserved to be told.  As it turned out, producers made the call for Frankie to be told and allowed his family to write him a letter to break the news.

As feeds came back from being on fish, Frankie was surrounded by the other houseguests as he talked about the loss of his grandfather.  He let them know his family wrote that they wanted him to stay in the house, and that his grandfather had been watching him all this time including on live feeds.

Jul 18, 2014

BB16 Spoilers: The Winners of the Egg Competition and New HOHs are...

**Warning - this post contains spoilers**
As tonight's live eviction episode of Big Brother went off the air, we were left in suspense as the houseguests had been paired up in a competition that involved moving a dozen eggs through a course like we've seen single players do in previous seasons. 
With Devin being evicted earlier in the night, this competition would dictate where the power in the house would go next being such a huge threat was now gone.  As we  left the air it looked like the team of Amber and Zach were in the lead with the team of Cody and Frankie not far behind.  As it turns out Cody and Frankie ended up winning the competition and are the HOHs this week going into the next Battle of the Block competition.