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Jul 24, 2014

BB16 Live Feed Update: Frankie is Told About his Grandfather's Death

As first reported by TMZ yesterday, Frankie's grandfather passed away after battling cancer and the initial word was that one of his grandfather's last requests was that Frankie not be told so that he could continue on in the Big Brother game.  We heard from MANY of you yesterday who felt like this was not right and Frankie deserved to be told.  As it turned out, producers made the call for Frankie to be told and allowed his family to write him a letter to break the news.

As feeds came back from being on fish, Frankie was surrounded by the other houseguests as he talked about the loss of his grandfather.  He let them know his family wrote that they wanted him to stay in the house, and that his grandfather had been watching him all this time including on live feeds.

Jul 18, 2014

BB16 Spoilers: The Winners of the Egg Competition and New HOHs are...

**Warning - this post contains spoilers**
As tonight's live eviction episode of Big Brother went off the air, we were left in suspense as the houseguests had been paired up in a competition that involved moving a dozen eggs through a course like we've seen single players do in previous seasons. 
With Devin being evicted earlier in the night, this competition would dictate where the power in the house would go next being such a huge threat was now gone.  As we  left the air it looked like the team of Amber and Zach were in the lead with the team of Cody and Frankie not far behind.  As it turns out Cody and Frankie ended up winning the competition and are the HOHs this week going into the next Battle of the Block competition.

Jul 14, 2014

BB16 Week 3 POV Spoilers

**Warning - this post contains spoilers**
Big Brother JocastaBig Brother 16 continues to be a wild roller coaster since the twist involving having 2 HOHs each week along with the new "Battle of the Block" competition have added an element of unpredictability that hasn't been seen in previous seasons.  This week we saw Derrick reign as the HOH after his nominees (Caleb and Jocasta) lost the Battle of the Block, thus dethroning Nicole as HOH and removing Amber and Donny from the block.  Of course that left the Power of Veto competition to really decide things, and to determine if the master plan to backdoor Devin would fall into place.
Things took a bit of a crazy twist going into the POV competition, as Jocasta became very suck and had to see a medic. It was determined that she was extremely dehydrated and would be unable to compete in the competition.  The plan to backdoor Devin was also put into jeopardy when he was picked to play in the POV, which opened the door for him to win and destroy the whole backdoor plan for the week.

Jul 9, 2014

Live Feed Update: The Bomb Squad Implodes!

**Warning - this post contains spoilers**
BB16 Bomb SquadJust a couple of days ago we revealed that Zach went up on the block as Devin's replacement nominee after he used the POV to take Brittany down, which threw the "Bomb Squad" alliance into a state of turmoil.  Things started to become divided in the group at that point since Zach went up regardless of the fact that he was a member of the alliance.  Other members like Derrick and Cody obviously did not want to vote their ally (Zach) out, so a plan to gather up the votes to save Zach was set into motion and has ultimately completely exposed The Bomb Squad to the entire house at this point.
Over the last few days Devin has continued to try to run the house (and the Bomb Squad) as he made the decision to put up another member of the alliance when he nominated Zach without the consent of the other members.  As we will see in tonight's CBS episode, Zach apparently went off on a legendary rant after being nominated that really shook the house up.  Devin's response to this was to bring Hayden in and make him yet another member of "The Squad," seemingly to replace Zach.  All of these moves seemed to cause just about everyone else in the group to lose faith in Devin, and consider saving Zach and sending Paola home tomorrow night.