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Aug 28, 2014

BB16 Spoilers: The Winner of Tonight's Endurance Competition and New HOH is...

On tonight's episode of Big Brother 16 we FINALLY got a much anticipated endurance competition and it was the traditional comp. that has the houseguests going back and forth on a slippery surface trying to fill an item to the point they can retrieve a ball or other small item etc.  This year it was a snowman, and the usual slipping and sliding highlight reel will no doubt have plenty of material as usual.

As usual, Big Brother threw a "temptation" into the game as there was also an option to instead fill a smaller snowman and get a 5 thousand dollar reward, but at the same time receive "holla" shout outs in the house for the rest of the season as a punishment. 

Aug 9, 2014

Live Feed Update: The House Explodes and Frankie Chooses to Reveal His True Identity

**Warning - this post contains spoilers**

BB16 ZachIf you watched the live feeds at all in the last day or so, you had to know the house was set to explode at any minute with Zach declaring war on Frankie and many of the others agreeing that Frankie should be the target this week.  As we reported in our Double Eviction Recap, Nicole and Christine won the HOH competition and have named their nominees for the week.  Nicole nominated Frankie and Caleb while Christine nominated Zach and Donny.  A plan was put together throughout the day yesterday that would see Caleb sit down as the Battle of the Block competition began and hence throw it so Zach and Donny could win and Frankie would be the target to be evicted this week....lets just say that plan didn't quite work out.

Aug 7, 2014

BB16 Double Eviction Recap and Spoilers on the New HOHs

**Warning - This post contains spoilers**
Big Brother 16 Double Eviction Results

As expected, it was a wild night in the Big Brother house as the first double eviction episode of the season caused some much needed chaos.  As mentioned earlier, the house flipped and decided to keep Zach which set up a blindside situation on Nicole/Hayden/Jocasta/Donny since they were told Zach was going out.

The blindside worked as the other side had no idea when the vote went down and Jocasta was the one evicted.  The night moved on quickly to the first HOH competition of the night and Caleb ended up being the winner, he then nominated Donny and Hayden for eviction. 

BB16 Live Feed Update: Will Zach Survive Tonight's Double Eviction?

**Warning - this post contains spoilers**
BB16 ZachTo be honest, this hasn't been the most exciting week in the Big Brother house.  It seems like any hostility in the house was all but gone once Amber and Brittany walked out the door.  Originally when Nicole and Donny won the HOH competition last week it seemed like we would get a shift in power and the possibility a big move such as a backdoor move on Caleb or Frankie, but the way things turned out didn't exactly produce the best scenario. 
Christine winning the POV threw a wrench into any backdoor plans since she chose not to use it, so Jocasta and our ever-entertaining villain Zach were left on the block.  Things looked even more grim when the house decided that Zach needed to go this week, which made it seem like any chance of hostility and fights would go out the door with him.  Luckily at the last minute, things have taken a huge turn that may reignite the fire in the Big Brother house tonight after this season's first double eviction episode.